Apps on my BlackBerry Bold 9700

That’s virtually 2 weeks I have had the Bold 9700 for now and remarkably I have only added on 9 applications, 6 of which I owned already, 2 of which are freeware and thus I have only splashed out on one new application…TweetGenius. Must be some sort of record. I’ve just loaded on what I consider to be the essentials for my own needs, amongst others these being…..a Twitter client, a Weather app (BerryWeather), password manager (SBSH Wallet), a quick app launcher that is frankly indispensible on a BB (QuickLaunch), stock tracking software via Bloomberg (freeware), a podcast player/manager (PodTrapper but I haven’t used it yet), Flixster Movies to get local film times and movie info and that is about that.

Like I said previously I don’t see the point in trying to replicate the software that I have already on my iPod Touch as the apps on the latter, by and large, tend to be better and cheaper so I’ve not bothered with things like a MPG tracker, RSS reader, Dictionary, Budget app as opposed to full blown Bank account style app.

Just a quick word on the official BlackBerry App World which I hadn’t used since June. It has come on quite a bit with a heck of a lot more stuff in there now although strangely, my copy keeps disappearing off the device and has to be reinstalled again. I’ve not bought anything off it yet as I still prefer to use an online store, in this case the PDA247 Mobihand store. I like Mobihand as they inform you of updates to purchased apps and let you download the original app as many times as you need without that rip off Handango style “download protection”.


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