Back to work and some tidying up

Yuk, back to reality today and it was not nice. January is such a miserable month with virtually no redeeming features and lurking at the end of it is February, another traditionally crap month. On that positive note I laid into my work PC today and attempted to clear away some of the gadget crud I have collected over the past couple of years. Man, there was some pointless stuff there including copies of SD Cards that had been used in my Centro and Treo 680, totalling over 2gb and they just had to go as I will never use them again. Even worse and feel free to call me a traitor here but I uninstalled Palm Desktop, something I never thought I would do, and various other Palm based desktop software that I have not used for months and months and frankly cannot see myself using again. I’ve left ListPro on as I hope that someday I’ll be able to use it on the iPhone or iPod Touch although that is looking more and more unlikely.

I also transferred about 150 bits of software, mainly for old devices and platforms that I will also most likely never have need of, onto a portable USB drive and deleted them off the PC too. I’ll stick these on the external HD I have at home just in case I never need them again although I doubt I will.

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One Response to “Back to work and some tidying up”

  1. John Bridges Says:

    You did WHAT!!! Uninstalled Palm Desktop!! Surely that’s tantamount to high treason!! To the stocks Mr Alexander, to the stocks!!

    You tell you the truth, the only reason I still have it on my machine is because of my T5, which is going on for five years old but is still in use daily and has giving me no problems whatsoever.

    Gratifying, considering it was perhaps the most maligned PDA Palm released.

    I always found Palm Desktop to be a very good, clean PIM for the desktop without all the clutter and unused features inherent in Outlook, as well as having a much lighter footprint.

    However, if and when the T5 gives up the ghost, my Palm Desktop will also be relegated to the cyber cemetery.

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