Apple Store Aberdeen

Whilst up in the Granite City in between Xmas and Hogmany I nipped into the new Apple Store in Aberdeen’s latest and greatest new indoor shopping centre. I tell you, this city is far different from the one that I grew up in and lived in for more than 20 years and it’s odd but I almost don’t feel that it is the same place anymore. The last few years I’ve been up there the fewer people I see around that I used to know and the fewer shops are left that were there when I was growing up. I guess though that is all to be expected.

Anyway, I’ve never been in a proper Apple Store before. There’s one in Glasgow but I’ve never really had the urge to travel through as I’m not that desperate to savour the “atmosphere”. The one in Aberdeen is not a huge store but I was surprised at 1) how many sales staff were floating around, quite unintrusively, and 2) how busy it was with customers. It’s a strange type of shop with the majority of the floor space in the centre devoted to laptops and desktops, you can freely play with the many computers set up with no-one to hassle you, whilst the walls around the store to the sides are stuffed high with accessories for iPods, iPhones, computer cases and software.  All the tables in the middle and to the sides are quite low and the impression you almost get is of a shop with not much on display. It almost doesn’t seem like a shop, more like some place to go and try out the hardware with little or no buying pressure. It’s not like PC World where you can’t hover around any computer for more than  0.2 of a second without some spotty sales person with a pre-determined agenda…”must sell a PC…must sell a PC…must sell a PC” approaching you.

I ended up just buying a portable charger for my new iPod Touch as there was nothing really else that I needed or particularly wanted.


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