Bought a BlackBerry Bold 9700

The Nokia went back but it left me wanting another smartphone with the same form factor. I didn’t want to get a BlackBerry as it would have meant, or so I thought, a new phone contract however when I went into Carphonewarehouse  (CPW) to look at some sets and to get an upgrade on the iPhone contract I was surprised when they told me I could get one on o2 despite the fact that if you walked into an o2 store, you couldn’t as they don’t sell them there. That was odd and what was odder was that the CPW were not advertising the Bold 9700 as being available on o2 either on their wall display, in fact only Vodafone and T-Mobile were listed as available carriers.

That was good then and I got it for free as an upgrade on a decent enough contract and more importantly, get to keep using the same phone number. The last few times I have been into phone shops when upgrade time comes around I have kind of prepared in advance, expecting a battle and expecting to have to use the old “Well, I’ll just try Vodafone/T-Mobile/etc etc next door then” if I don’t get what I’m after but on each occasion I’ve not needed to as they have offered me what I was after straight away.

One of the things that appealed about the BB 9700 in advance was that RIM have introduced a Mac Desktop app for BlackBerry, I really didn’t fancy splashing out (again) for another MarkSpace product and in particular, the RIM app provides application installs (hoorah), back up and restore (double hoorah),  iTunes syncing but no iPhoto syncing oddly as well as Calendar, Notes and Contacts integration.


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