HTC Hero battery life

It’s hard to gauge from reading other reviews on the web just how good or bad a device’s battery can be prior to deciding whether to splash out or not. You never know whether the person reviewing it has been thrashing it or going easy or has been somewhere inbetween. I suspect most of them though have everything on, 3G, wifi, location services and possibly stuff like Bluetooth as well and all these things are switched on most of the time.

I’ve been fine with the Hero battery to date although my useage is probably on the light side. I never use 3G during the day and one of the first things I do with any new device is look for the settings to switch it to 2G only.  I also turn off anything to do with GPS as I very rarely use apps that need it. I do however tend to switch on wifi when I get back in the evening and leave it on for a couple of hours, in case I am browsing through the Android Marketplace or need to download any application updates.

Being the anti-social and grumpy old bugger that I am, I don’t make a lot of phone calls but I do have push GMail on all day. From this typical useage I get 2 full days and a bit more out of the stock battery which is as good as I think you can expect these days from phones with big, power hungry screens and fast processors. The bottom line for me is that I can relax a little with the Hero as it the battery level never seems to go plummeting sharply and the descent from 100% down to 50% is about the same as the drop from 50% down to 0%.


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