Mark Hughes…

Okay, so everyone is going on about this and how it is terrible that he only got 18 months at Man City as if it is some terrible tragedy. C’mon, the guy is leaving with a near £3 million pay off if newspaper reports are to be believed, enough to never have to work again if he chose to do so and when you think of how many people in this country have lost jobs this year and received fractions of the amount Mr Hughes received…well, it puts in all into perspective. I’d happily let my self esteem suffer a little as it would be amply compensated by such as handsome payoff.

Being a Man City supporter I think I’m entitled to have a view too. Thing is, he may have taken us to 6th in the table and without shout of the fabled top 4 spot but this is less of an achievement when you consider how much cash he has had to spend and how much the usual Big Four have self imploded to date this season, thus opening a door as wide as John Carew’s shirt which City, with a serious of inept defensive displays have totally failed to prise open. With Liverpool dropping points left right and centre we should have seized the chance to move into 4th, instead we find ourselves struggling to split Fulham and Birmingham.

Mark Hughes spent a heck of a lot of money on City’s defense, I reckon in the region of £60 million trying to establish a fortress from which to attack yet ends up losing more goals so far this season than at the same stage in each of the last 2 seasons. Hughes is going because he has not spent wisely on defenders and to compound this he lets Richard Dunne, who has performed admirably for Villa this season, go for a miserly £5 million…..ouch. 3 goals let in against Spurs, Burnley, Sunderland and Bolton….4 teams you wouldn’t ever put forward for the “Defence of the Year Award” is poor……drawing with Wigan, Burnley, Hull and Bolton (4 clubs that will struggle to avoid relegation this season) in the last couple of months is also poor and shows that Hughes has not been learning this season. I remember a couple of years ago at the same time of year, having a discussion with a work chum, who also supports City, and remarking how frugal City had been that season in conceding so few goals. A couple of years and £60 million quid later, we have one of the worst.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, of course Mark has led us into the semi-final of a Cup competition for the first time since 1981 beating along the way, in the last 2 rounds, the mighty Scunthorpe Utd and Arsenal’s reserves…quite an achievement. Good luck Roberto, I think you’ll need it.

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  1. elbowz Says:

    I get to Eastlands as often as I can and I think the criticiism of Hughes is only partially justified.

    Ignore Robinho for the moment, I’ll come back to him.

    The City defence is a combination of four players learning about each other and building the rapport that will be the basis of a solid defence. Remember we’re talking about less than four months of playing together here… As for Dunne, he was a great servant of the club, but every time the ball was in the City box your heart was in your mouth as he threatened yet another own goal.

    City are a very hard team to beat at the moment, going forward they play some beautiful football. Craig Bellamy has turned out to be the signing of the decade and Tevez, Barry and Given have also impressed. That would have developed into a winning team over the course of the next few months and I feel sure City would have had the strength to overhaul both Villa and Spurs for a Champions League place.

    Now City face an uncertain future with a manager with no Premier League experience, no track record (discounting the Calciopoli assisted Scudettos) and a group of players that will almost certainly change significantly in the January transfer window.

    And then there’s Robinho who rarely pulls out anything special for City except in the occasional big game. His forced inclusion in the City side has seriously affected City – his low work rate and disinterest in defensive duties leave whoever is at left-back horribly exposed and every other manager knows that.

    Hughes deserves sympathy because he was set a goal for season end (sixth and 70 points) and despite being on course for that was dismissed anyway. Sure £3m will ease the pain, but it was clear that Hughes invested heavily of himself in City and didn’t deserve such shabby treatment…

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