NewsRoom for Android

Found this new RSS application in the Android Marketplace and it is very good, not up to the standard of the iPhone RSS software but getting there plus it is the best I have tried on Android.

What makes it so good? Simply the fact that at last there is an Android RSS app that takes advantage of ability to swipe between posts and feeds in a simple manner. On my current RSS app, FeedR, moving between articles in a feed is a pain as you have to click the trackball or touch the screen to open a post. Once that has been read you then have to repeat the whole process for each article.  I find this to be inelegant and cumbersome.

NewsRoom is different. Once you have opened up a feed you can then swipe left and right to view each individual article, so much easier and much more sensible. Another nice touch is that the initial feed view gives you a preview of it, enough to decide whether you wish to read it and if so just drag up from the bottom of the screen and the full articles appears. then drag down to return to preview mode. In preview mode you then drag down from the screen to return to the main page.

On the main page the feeds are represented by nice big icons which are easy to hit with your fingers, there are 9 icons allowed on each page and once full they default to the second page. It’s a bit like the iPhone launcher set up although you can move them about, also by holding an icon down and once it gets jiggly moving it to another space on the same page or to another page.

Drawbacks include no Google Reader syncing or importing of feeds (but you can import via OPML and there is a decent search facility which found all my favourite feeds no problem so set up was quick), no Twitter forwarding, the supposed SD card backup does not work and I have noticed a couple of bugs causing force closes but I’m happy-ish to accept these failings in order to get a RSS app that is easy to use.


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