Bye bye Nokia E72

Short and sweet I know but there you go. I would have probably kept it but the darn thing started freezing and when I listened to some podcasts to and from work on Friday it would just cut out. I class those as signs from the smartphone Gods telling me to send it back within the returnable period.

I could do a big long summary but to be honest I can’t be bothered. I would say however that I can see why Nokia’s market share is falling as their OS is outdated, tricky to use and well behind the likes of the iPhone and Android platforms. Their phones in terms of hardware and build quality are probably second to none plus have the benefits of great battery life and call quality but this may be offset by the fact that every app I installed had some problem or another, either it wouldn’t connect or wouldn’t work or something else. A bit irritating to be honest.

I’ve gone back to the Hero for a bit, after the E72 it’s a joy.


2 Responses to “Bye bye Nokia E72”

  1. Simon Says:

    My January guess out the window then!

  2. John Bridges Says:

    Pity. I always seem to follow your advice, like getting myself the Treo 500V despite your impressions (it couldn’t be THAT bad could it?). It was.
    As I said the other day, I had both eyes on the E72 – now what?
    Ah well, next on the list is the Bold 9700 – now where’s Shaun’s site…

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