Socialite for Mac

I have decided to skip the latest Mac software giveaway, of sorts, via MacUpdate as I tried out some of the stuff before buying (one of the few sensible things I have done this year) and came to the conclusion that some of the stuff I thought might be useful was not for me. Instead, I splashed out on Socialite as I had a discount code for it anyway.

This software appealed as it combines Twitter, FaceBook, Flickr and Google Reader under the one roof and I use all of those, although some more than others. It means I can dispense with three other bits of mac software and instead just run with Socialite. Once you enter in your login details for your chosen options the app remembers them and when you open Socialite everything gets updated automatically. If you don’t subscribe to GReader feareth not as you can add feeds manually. Syncing with GReader is two way so everything is kept up to date.

The interface is nice and clean, very much along the lines of typical mac software with your social networking options to the left and then the main pane to the right.  Notifications can be enabled too for new items. In the snapshot to the left is an example of how RSS feeds appear via Google Reader. The option exists to “tweet” any individual item. The Twitter client supports multiple Twitter accounts and the new faddy, Lists, option and the usual options are all there too. Having another Twitter account is actually quite useful, I’ve set up another to follow posts from sites that I follow so that they don’t bog down my “normal” Twitter one.


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