Reeder for iPhone

More RSS stuff. Before, I had been using iNews for the iPhone but it started playing up. For example, it suddenly wouldn’t download one or two feeds and then it stopped working with Instapaper and it was at the latter point that I abandoned it. That gave me the opportunity to have a re-visit to some other RSS apps I have used before. Newsstand is great but it is sooooo slow at downloading and I never got the hang of Byline and it’s odd feed presentation set up.

So, I downloaded a couple more to try out and settled on Reeder. It has the bits that I need, the ability to post articles to Twitter and Instapaper (if you’ve never tried Instapaper for the mac and iPhone then you ought to give it a try), the ability to sync with Google Reader two way plus it is really really quick at downloading stuff. And, you can increase the font size too which is good if you’re a bit lacking in the good eyesight stakes. There’s not much in the options department about customising the way it looks and it could be described as a bit too beigey but out of all the RSS apps I have tried to date, it displays pics within posts the best.

Google Reader Client.

– Syncs with Google Reader
– Browse by feed or folders
– Manage starred items, notes
– Mark as unread
– Slider control for list entries:
> slide to right to toggle read/unread
< slide to left to toggle starred/unstarred
– Option to order by oldest first (for unread items)
– Sync status bar: tap to minimize, tap the sync icon to maximize

Sharing options:
– Send to Instapaper or ReadItLater
– Save to Delicious* or Pinbard
– Post to Twitter
– In-app email for sharing articles


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