Verizon Palm Pixi Clears FCC with WiFi

Verizon Palm Pixi Clears FCC with WiFi |

This is interesting news, if it is true. I really like the Pre and Web OS as it is potentially the second best OS out there. It makes BlackBerry OS look like what it is, an outdated OS held together with some Blue Peter sticky tape that is about as intuitive as an Ikea instruction manual…mind you, you could say the same about Windows Mobile too. Palm has done a great job with the OS, it is stable, easy to use, dispenses with a whole load of unnecessary menu stuff that Joe Bloggs couldn’t give a monkeys about. It was a brand new thing to me obviously when I got my hands on the Pre but getting to grips with the OS tooks about 5 minutes…..a tribute surely to the Palm software engineers?

Anyway, what lets the Pre down is the hardware. Living with its creakiness and wobbliness is a worrying experience and Palm should have gone for a more traditional slider style, a la Nokia, to have avoided the inherently flawed wobbly design. Ironically, it is the hardware that rescues stuff like the BlackBerry and makes them reasonably appealing.  RIM should buy Palm and pinch the OS. If the Pixi were available here in the UK tomorrow, with wifi I would be all over it as it combines the classic Treo shape in a nice slim, solid looking package. But, it needs a scroll button, as does the Pre…desperately.


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