More Android handsets…

After HTC’s 2010 road map was leaked last week, giving us a wee taster of the possible delights to come, it’s back to reality, the here and now, via the Acer Liquid and Motorola Milestone.

The Acer looks okay, well specced up but it just looks a bit slabby. I don’t know, it just doesn’t look like a phone and call me old fashioned but I kind of like a phone to look like a phone. Not hugely like a phone, just a bit like one and at the very least, not like a Palm TX. Another drawback is that it does not have a keyboard, well not a proper one I mean. Plus, Android’s inability to speak to the desktop is another drawback for me, getting stuff on there is easy enough but getting your stuff off is not quite so easy.

Despite taking some good natured ribbing via Twitter from a couple of gadget chums, I still quite fancy the Nokia E72…one called it “boring” and he’s probably right but it’s a nice form factor, the keyboard is likely to be superb if it is like the E71 one, the camera is apparantly quite decent, there’s now a good Twitter client in the shape of Gravity, you can now get push GMail on it and it’s reasonably priced. I like the idea of pairing it with an iPod Touch and that way I get to keep using all the great iPhone software plus I’ll have a good mp3/podcast player and with all the great RSS readers available for the platform, I’ll not have to worry about that for symbian anymore.

Don’t try and stop me chaps, it’s going to happen…


One Response to “More Android handsets…”

  1. John Bridges Says:

    Hi Murray
    Have got both my eyes firmly fixed on the Nokia E72.
    Not been released in SA yet, but expect it early next year.
    Yes, it may be totally boring and yes, one runs the risk of snoring whilst using it, but for reliability and having everything I need either out of the box or via third party providers, it’s hard to beat – especially that qwerty keyboard.
    Had to wrench myself away from my Treo 650 to use the E71, which I have used continuously for about 3 months now and it’s been amazing how it has grown on me.
    The E72, in my assessment, has much improved specs including camera.
    Aberdeen FC…?
    John in SA

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