Palm Pre Apps update….errr……nowt

Over in the US, Pre owners now have access to 500 plus applications, many of which are paid. Here in the UK, the total sits around 145 which is not exactly ideal and is a lot less than our American owners can enjoy. Still, some US owners are not exactly over enthusing about the quality of stuff available, judging by some of the comments in this thread on PreCentral. This one in particular is quite apt.

This is pathetic. A whole bunch of the same junk apps we’ve seen before. How many language translators and unit conversion apps do we really need? $.99 to browse a handmade crafts site? $1.99 to get quotes from Ted Kennedy? $.99 to play tic tac toe? Are you kidding me? Not to bad mouth any of these developers, but these are really weak.

Palm needs to get some big players involved like Gameloft and EA and they need to do it yesterday. I hate impressing my iPhone buddies with amazing multitasking and when they ask what apps I can get the only answer I’ve got is currency converters and the pathetic Palm developed Facebook app. We need some big players to bring it on home and Palm needs to open up GPU access pronto.


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