Web OS is rather smooth

Believe it or not, I’ve had not had a single reset on the Palm Pre since I started using it nearly 2 months ago. That will come as a surprise to those old Palm Classic users, no doubt, but there you go. So, it is very stable, if a tad laggy at times but not to the extent that it merits shouting abuse at the phone. In fact, although it takes a moment or so for an application to launch after you tap the icon, when it does open up it does so speedily. For example, my preferred Pre Twitter application, Tweed, is very quick at refreshing and is, I would venture the opinion, as quick as the likes of TwitDroid Pro on my HTC Hero.

When I compare it to the abomination that is Windows Mobile 6.5, via my thankfully short and sweet Samsung B7330 experience at the end of last week, there is a world of difference. Things are easy to find on the Pre, the settings are where you think they should be, there is a good search facility built in, I’ve yet to experience any slowdown on the Pre, the OS is slick and it feels like a modern OS, not like something that was designed 10 years ago for devices that are 10 years old.

I’m tempted to go for the Pixi if it becomes available as it is my ideal form factor but the lack of wifi and iffy camera specs detract from the appeal. I’m tending to go these days for phones that have decent cameras as it is a feature that I tend to use quite a bit.

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One Response to “Web OS is rather smooth”

  1. Sp1got Says:

    For the benefit of some of old school palmpilot users, could you please round-out your review with some comments on what the standard PIM functions are like? Also, have you tried the Classic program to use old Palm OS apps?

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