More WM 6.5 mediocrity

Those of you WM fanboys who doubted the undoubted veracity of my Samsung B7330 (un)Pro review should check out this review of another WM 6.5 device, the HP iPaq Glisten which is not a million miles away from the conclusion I came to re the Samsung. Quite funny actually as they also think the device itself is really rather nice but but is hugely let down by a “bare bones” install of WM 6.5.

There’s a big picture gallery and I have picked one which I think shows the issue nicely. Contrast the glossiness of the device with the screen image of the contacts applications, tiny, blocky looking fonts that look as they were designed in 2002 and one of the rather bland and stock WM “themes” (term used in the loosest possible manner).

Why do the likes of Samsung and HP bother with Windows Mobile at the moment? Microsoft seems to be doing absolutely zip all to help them sell the OS which looks and acts shabbily compared to the newer OS’s like Palm OS and Android.

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