Socialite (formerly Eventbox) out of beta, into your Mac

Socialite (formerly Eventbox) out of beta, into your Mac.

I downloaded this last night to have a wee play with it and it has looked pretty impressive. It combines a selection of the most popular online “social” sites and apps like Twitter, FaceBook, Google Reader, Flicker and some more into one application. You can choose which ones to import into the app, log in and every time the software opens everything is updated.

Currently I have seperate apps being used for both Twitter and Google Reader and just need to decide whether it is worthwhile consolidating them into the one place.

Twitter support includes multiple accounts, and it makes it very easy to send Direct Messages as well as @replies. Socialite also includes support for Twitter’s new “Lists” and “Re-tweet” features. As far as I know, Socialite is currently the only native Mac Twitter client that supports lists. The application is the only way that I ever bother to keep up with Facebook, and it can do so without all the “cruft” (ads, for instance) in the browser interface for Facebook. Socialite is also a great way to keep up with your Flickr contacts.


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