eWallet major upgrade

Ilium have done well here and have recognised the growing need for people to have an application they use a lot available across just about all major platforms, not just for one or two. So, the latest version of eWallet is now available for BlackBerry, WM and the iPhone but not as yet for Android. The latter platform may struggle unless the big players, like Ilium, feel it is worthwhile developing for that platform and for that to happen there has to be money in it for them as they are not registered charities, not yet anyway.

I have been using 1Password of late as it is mac centric and has a good iPhone companion but I can’t use it on Android or Windows Mobile or BlackBerry. If it was cross platform I probably wouldn’t look elsewhere to be honest. Up til then I had been using eWallet. I’ll need to check out version 7 especially as it now has a working Mac beta for the desktop, the lack of this before meant I had to enter new software licences and stuff via my work laptop but possibly not anymore.

The problem I have always had with these type of apps is that I had to use different applications for different platforms and thus ended up having three comprehensive sets of personal info, software licences etc etc etc in 3 different programmes with three different desktop companions.  SBSH Wallet for BlackBerry & Symbian, 1Password for the iPhone and eWallet for iPhone too and Windows Mobile. Keeping them all updated became an absoute pain and all that happened was that the only one to get updated with new stuff was the one that I was  using on a current device and the others got left behind.

I’m going to give the Mac desktop a good run out and see if it is good, if so I may have to change back.

Not only does eWallet 7 include a completely revamped Windows PC version, a working preview of eWallet for Mac, and a host of new features, we’re working to create a new approach to selling mobile software.


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