Android, Palm and iPhone

One thing struck me the other day about these platforms, and this is one of the reasons I find Android software a bit lightweight in comparison to both Palm classic OS and the iPhone, is that you get a lot of stuff for Palm that has desktop apps and more and more iPhone apps are linking up with either their Mac desktop software equivalents or have standalone desktop software to accompany them whereas so far, I don’t have a single bit of Android stuff that has the same. I think this is one of the reasons why I haven’t bothered with a Notes or List style application for Android as all data entry has to be done on the phone.

The only reason why this could be a problem is that it means Android info on the phone is tending to stay there at present, sure it gets backed up if you have one of the myriad Android back up apps but at the moment there is not really any way to get it off the device and into another application on another platform. This is not the case with classic Palm OS or the iPhone as I have a lot of apps on both platforms that I can exchange info between the phone and desktop either through email or wifi syncing.


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