Palm Pre Patches post 1.3.1

Ah well, at least some good has come out of the recent Web OS updater. I managed to finally install some patches that I wanted but which were previously not compatible with the previous version installed on my Pre. Chief amongst them being the 4×4 v3 patch which re-arranges your application launcher to show applications icons in a 4×4 grid instead of the 3×4 system. This is beneficial purely because it means less scrolling now.

I also added a patch that allows the LED to flash for notifications as it doesn’t do this at the moment and two patches for the email application. One replaces one of the email message buttons with a “move to folder” button, when viewing a message, and the other adds a swipe to delete an email as I find it a little too easy to delete emails by mistake without it. Or I think I installed a patch for that, I did under the previous Web OS version anyway, removed it prior to upgrading and then reinstalled it….

One thing you do need to do though prior to updating the OS is to remove all existing patches. If you have the PreWare application installed this is easy enough as you just need to navigate to the Patches menu and you will see that any patches currently installed have a little green dot on their icon. Tapping the icon gives you the option to then remove it.

There are some other patches that I have been looking at and I may try out a few more, including one to add a numerical representation of the battery status. You can download the PreWare application from PreCentral.

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3 Responses to “Palm Pre Patches post 1.3.1”

  1. David Ross Says:

    Were you looking for a 2G/3G toggle thing Murray. Henk at MetaView has one on his blog I think. Google 2TwitMe and its the L’Haut Parleur link that’s his blog. He’s got one or two Pre type things there if you’ve not been already

  2. David Ross Says:

    even better here’s a link for his blog

  3. Palm Pre Patches post 1.3.1 « Palm-Mac | High technology information Says:

    […] the rest here: Palm Pre Patches post 1.3.1 « Palm-Mac var addthis_pub = ''; var addthis_language = 'en';var addthis_options = 'email, favorites, digg, […]

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