Motorola MILESTONE Android

Motorola MILESTONE Android 2.0 Smartphone (UK, Black, QWERTY) Larger Image – eXpansys UK.

Let’s face it, gold on a phone is not a good idea. In fact, it’s worse than that…it’s naff. Well I think so anyway. The gold on the back is not too bad as you wouldn’t have to look at it too often but that nasty blingy dpad is a different matter.

Anyway, the Motorola Droid is coming to the UK at some point and as usual eXpansys have it listed as coming soon. One thing is good though, it is good to see Motorola making a comeback with a device that has been very well received epecially as Nokia seem stuck in a rut with a seemingly never ending procession of bland phones, rehashing previous models with updated specs.


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