Samsung Galaxy and HTC Hero screens

The Samsung Galaxy has an OLED screen, the Hero does not. Before the Samsung arrived I had never had a device with an OLED screen before and I was pretty impressed by the clarity of the Hero one. Next to the Galaxy though it quite literally pales into insignificance. I tried to give you an idea by taking a few snaps with the Palm Pre camera  but unfortunately the pics came out poorly. The one in this post is the bet of a bad bunch. Unfortunately, the Galaxy screen is just too bright for the Pre camera even at less than 50% of the maximum setting. In the picture, the Hero’s screen is almost at maximum brightness but in real life, when next to the Samsung, it looks grey and washed out whereas the colours on the OLED screen, even at such a low setting really ping back at you and positively glow. Great when looking at photos and movies no doubt.

I think though you can get a good idea from the admittedly poor quality image of the difference. They say that another advantage of an OLED screen is that it uses less power and is thus kinder on battery life.


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