Palm Pre update

Hoorah…of sorts…up to 92 applications now, all of which are “free” because we still can’t purchase those enticing looking “paid” stuff yet.

So, this 1.3.1 updater added some new stuff, none of which I have found to be of particular benefit, and took away about 250 applications….that’s not a good swop in my book. One other annoying thing it added, for some reason, and I still cannot work out why Palm thought this would be a good idea is when you try and power the Pre off. Before, you just held down the power button and an option to power off appeared. Now, you get the same “power” off option but when you hit the button it takes you to another screen where you then get the option to restart or shut down/swop battery. You’d expect that hitting the latter button would then shut it down but oh no….it takes you to another screen where you then have to press the “shut down” button option before the damn thing finally goes off. It’s irritating.

Here’s a list of all the other changes made by Palm, there are quite a few improvements made to the Calendar application that some may find useful and a new search facility in the Email application for finding emails within folders. In the music application, quitting a track or podcast no longer means you lose the place when returning to it…or so they say. Actually, from reading through all the changes listed on the link there are actually a whole heap of good little enhancements there but the problem is, most folk will never know about them as they won’t bother to read the Palm updater notes link.

I don’t know what I think about the Pre, there are a lot of bits I like and a few I don’t. My biggest gripe is the lack of solidness of the whole thing which, after using solid bricks like the iPhone and Hero, is odd and a tad disconcerting. I like the keyboard but miss the auto-fill available on Android and BlackBerry devices. I don’t know why Palm haven’t implemented a similar system because if they did, the set up would be immeasurably better than the frankly awful Hero on screen set up. Battery life for me is okay, I’ve got most things I consider unnecessary, such as a permanent 3G connection and GPS stuff, turned off and I can scrape a full 2 days use. Power users would definately struggle though. Signal reception is good though as is call quality. I keep switching between it and the Hero, using them for a couple of days each and then swopping out the SIM. Overall, I prefer the Pre as I feel the app quality is superior, the Hero screen keyboard is disasterous for me and so far, the camera on the Pre with flash built in is better.



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