My Samsung Galaxy internals…

Now, isn’t that lovely? How sweet does that look? I could be starting a new trend here….go nekkid with your smartphone, smartphone “porn”. What a marvelous sight, the Galaxy back with full frontal battery shot…a real treat for all you battery lovers out there. I’m able to show you this wonderous image as the replacement battery cover has still not arrived and thus this is the view I get every time I pick up the Galaxy up and turn it over. Check out that sim card slot and feel the quality.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to being able to slip that back cover on when it arrives….mmmmmm. Mind you, I have been half thinking of just sticking the current one on and sticking it down with Blu Tak, which I sort of ended up doing with the BlackBerry 8900 however I don’t think the Galaxy one would sit as well.


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