MailPlane for mac

I splashed out on MailPlane this week. This is a desktop version of the GMail web interface with some useful additional features built in and for mac users who are also Gmail users it is an excellent choice. I must say, down the years I have struggled to find a decent mac email client to use on the desktop. The built in Mail app has been a pain in the butt for me  and since I upgraded to Snow Leopard it has got worse as it now refused to quit without a “force quit”. For a while I used Powermail but I found the interface a bit fiddly, trying to drag and drop emails from the viewing pain into a Folder in the side bar was always hit or miss. Believe it or not, I have always liked and preferred Entourage…don’t laugh…and it worked just fine except it would never let me update it, some problem with Office for mac 2008 that I have never managed to resolve. I tried, believe me I tried but it just dragged on and on and in the end I have conceded defeat.

The MailPlane interface is exactly the same as it is on the web which adds a certain familiarity although I’d prefer it if there was slightly more eye-candy and more of an effort made to make it look like you were getting something a bit nicer having paid for the licence. So, what does it add?

Picture-sending made simple. Mailplane automatically resizes and optimizes your pics to reduce the size of your message

Attaching files and folders has never been easier. Drag ‘n’ drop your files and folders to Mailplane. Watch as they attach to the message and instantly upload.

With Mailplane, capture your screenshot and attach it to your message in a single click.

Add unlimited Gmail accounts (or Google apps for domain accounts), and switch between them without restarting Mailplane. And there’s no need re-enter passwords every two weeks. Mailplane store them safely in the Mac Keychain.

Download attachments and then reveal them in Finder. Or – if the attachment is a photo or .ZIP file containing pictures – directly import to iPhoto.

So, if you use Gmail you are likely to find this to be a very useful addition.


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