Palm Pre App Catalogue

Well, a step in the right direction today as there was a jump from 67 to 85 apps in the store but not one of them is a paid application. I don’t understand what is going on here and no-one appears to have a valid explanation for what has gone wrong. Various forum posts around Pre sites abound with the usual “I’ve spoken to someone at Palm and they said…..”…personally I give very little credence to those sort of posts, does anyone actually believe that a) the person did indeed speak to Palm or b) that Palm themselves have any sort of  clue what is going on anyway?

Perhaps I was mistaken but I thought all along that v1.3.1 of Web OS would add the ability to purchase some software. If I’d known this wasn’t going to be the case I’m not so sure I’d have bought the Pre so early on. Surely, Palm would have prepared things in advance so that the issues that are seemingly preventing us humble Europeans from being able to buy applications, such as VAT and all that “import taxes” stuff, would have been sorted out by now in preparation. After all, Apple managed to do it without too much trouble (as did Google for Android) when they launched the App Store so it can’t be that hard a thing to get working. C’mon Palm, you managed to get iTunes syncing with the Pre working so surely you could have also have pinched the AppStore purchase set up whilst you were at it.

In this day and age and with the emphasis on decent 3rd party software potentially making or breaking a platform it does unfortunately come across as a rather amateurish venture from Palm. I like the Pre, in fact I really like it and the quality of the free apps that I currently have on board has whetted the appetite for new, paid ones to complement them but it is sadly turning out to be a frustrating experience. However, being the foolishly eternal optimist that I am, I fully expect the whole thing to be swiftly and successfully resolved….ahem.

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  1. RB Says:

    Well said. The public silence from O2 and Palm Europe is disappointing too. They need to reassure non-US markets that this isn’t the longterm and that there is a strategy for us. I didn’t get the Pre for this.

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