Did the Palm Pre update to 1.3.1

I noticed on PreCentral this morning that the European update was available to download and install and being the sad person I am I couldn’t wait until I got back after work. Oh no, I had to do it at 7.45am. Still, it went smoothly, downloading via wifi very quickly and then it took a further 10 minutes to “validate” and then install.

I then headed off to work with the thought of having all those new apps to download when I got back and try and what the heck, probably even splash out on a few.  Cue Family Fortunes “that’s not in the top 6 answers” buzzer noise…even worse, the amount of available apps in the App Catalogue has in fact reduced, not marginally as in 345 down to 329 but rather down to 67. Yes, 67…less than a quarter of what was available this time last night. Where in the name of France have all the apps gone and the supposed ability to actually buy some?

This is more than a tad disappointing, in fact it feels like a slap in the chops after waiting patiently for nearly a month to get what is, after all, a fairly basic feature of any smartphone. I’m sure the developers will be delighted to hear that a potential sales segment have been denied the ability to buy some software.  I’ve been scouring through some threads on the PreCentral GSM Pre forums and everyone else seems to be in the same boat…rudderless. Some of the posters rightly point out it doesn’t look like Palm actually want this device to succeed. Just when I thought Palm had stopped shooting themselves in the foot they come along with this one.

Ah well, back to the Hero until this gets sorted.

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