Samsung Galaxy first thoughts….better than the Hero?

As many of you already know I also have an HTC Hero which many feel is the best, to date, Android equipped smartphone therefore it is natural to compare the Samsung to the Hero. Right up front I will say that I think the Hero is the better of the two devices as it is quicker, has more memory for running apps, has better in built software on it and has the advantage, for some, of the Sense UI plus a big choice of HTC widgets. It also feels more solid but that may be down to the fact it is weightier than the Samsung. On those fronts then, logically, you would pick the Hero any day of the week and most people would. I, however, have odd smartphone preferences and being a championer of the small guy, I kind of prefer the Samsung, admittedly for all the wrong reasons. The two phones do share a lot of stock Android apps though and of course various Google enhancements and therefore are only going to be seperated by the actual hardware and any customisations/layers added on by the manufacturer. One major potential drawback for the Galaxy is that it appears Samsung will not be providing an official upgrade path to Android v2, according to what I have read on the web anyway.

I think I prefer it for these reasons (although obviously it is early doors)…..I find the menu buttons on the front easier to use, the camera is miles better, the device is slimmer and lighter, it doesn’t have that odd Jimmy Hill style chin/lip and the screen is better. It’s not that I dislike the chin it’s more that I just prefer a phone without one. Also, it finds my home network first time and stays connected and doesn’t do that strange HTC thing of moving through the homescreens of its own accord. I know that the Samsung “lock” system has received much derision but again, I strangely prefer it to the HTC set up and it hasn’t bothered me the way it has some other bloggers.  I’m still using the Galaxy though without a back cover so useage has been limited to at home only but I have played with it a fair bit over the past few days, have installed all the apps that I have purchased and have given it a decent work out.

Later this week will be a mini-review of sorts in 2 parts, the first comparing hardware on the Galaxy and Hero and then software…of which the Hero, out of the box, appears to have a major advantage.


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