Missing Sync for Android works

This is still in beta and is available to download for free at the moment, it told me I can use if for 36 days which is a bit of an odd number but it gives you plenty time to play around with it and see whether it does the job. You need to follow the specific instructions on the download page though. I had to rename the SD card to “Androidcard” as per their suggestion to get it to work, it didn’t seem to want to know about syncing playlists/video/photos to the Samsung Galaxy internal storage however, which I wanted, and only wanted to know about the SD card.

It’s a bit basic at the moment but further syncing features will be added later apparantly, including their wifi “proximity” sync for contacts and calendars but if all you need is to sync music, pics and videos then it is worth trying out. I must say it was pretty quick transferring the stuff I wanted synced.

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One Response to “Missing Sync for Android works”

  1. Brian Says:

    Naming the card “AndroidCard” is a work-around only needed if we do not already have the device USB information on hand (which is true in the case of the new Samsung Galaxy)…

    You can send us the needed information for incorporation in the next update by following the instructions in our forum at

    More information on the product is at


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