Samsung Customer Care….impressive

So, there was poor little me having been dumped by some smart arse in o2 in the Gyle store in Edinburgh, a man whose arrogance and unhelpfulness was of a Champions league standard, feeling pretty down and facing the prospect of having to go to an approved Samsung repair shop in Edinburgh…a not very appealing prospect especially when the likely cost was added into the mix. I was more or less resigned to heading up there when I decided to phone up the Samsung Customer Care centre which ironically is based in Edinburgh apparantly.

Before I phoned I just decided to come clean and say that it was my fault the cover was knacked as I was prepared to have to pay for a new one. I didn’t fancy fighting a no doubt losing corner trying to justify how the cover shouldn’t have broken so quickly on a brand new high-end smartphone…blah blah blah. The guy I spoke to was extremely helpful and offered to send out a new battery cover, despite me telling him upfront it was my fault it was broken, as I also didn’t want to go through the whole “no receipt/no warranty” scenario again. He didn’t ask for proof of purchase but only wanted the S/N number from inside the phone and where it was purchased from. I told him it was from o2 and was outside their 30 day guarantee, anyway they don’t replace if you break something yourself.

I couldn’t wait to get off the phone once he took my details in case he changed his mind or asked for a receipt, twice he asked “one more question” and my heart sank as I expected him to ask for proof of purchase. He said they would do it for nothing as a gesture of goodwill and because a new cover “shouldn’t be breaking like that”…which is true I guess.

After some of the truly pap service I have had this year from various big retailers….Currys, o2 and MBNA credit cards…this was like a breath of fresh air and has partly restored my confidence in human nature. I should get it through in the next week or so but still have this uneasy feeling that something is just…wrong…with this phone and that this cover won’t fit either, or am I just being paranoid?

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