Shafted on eBay I think…

Well, the Samsung Galaxy arrived today and I was “up” for it big time. Five hours later I was very much “down” for it as I couldn’t get the battery cover back on. At first I thought it was just me but two other people had a bash and declared it a no go zone. It just looks like there is no way to get it back on. I suppose I could try and buy another battery cover online, if that is possible as the phone is working fine and I really like the look and feel of it. So, I emailed the seller to inform him that I considered the goods defective and he replied a couple of hours later to point out that the  phone was listed as a “no refund” item. He’s trying to use that as his first line of defence, cheeky sod. He also told me to take the phone back to an o2 store, it is locked to them, but will not provide proof of purchase but claims I can exchange it there which I frankly doubt, unless anyone knows different….. If I had something as proof of purchase fair enough but as it stands at the moment it does not look good for my cash. I’ve emailed him back again threatening to take the matter further with eBay but I don’t especially want to do that.

Any ideas?



2 Responses to “Shafted on eBay I think…”

  1. Shaun Says:

    PayPal resolution- it happened to me once when the buyer gave me his old address and wondered why it did not turn up. PayPal took the money off my balance and it was eventually returned and dealt with.

  2. elbowz Says:

    Seems to be a common problem with that phone. If it won’t go back on it may just be a bent clip on the cover. From what I see around the web its not the most robust phone Samsung have released. Alternatively it may be a broken or missing clip, that’s not something you’ll be able to remedy without a new cover.

    If its broken I’d definitely say that this was a material fault and should have been disclosed. I’d raise a dispute ‘goods significantly not as described’ with ebay and see where that goes.

    The other route is dispute the charge with Paypal or your credit card company depending how you paid.

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