1Password 3

I bit the bullet a couple of months ago and upgraded to v3 of the excellent 1Password application but did not realise at the time it was Snow Leopard only…doh. Still, I can finally start using it now that I have updated the mac OS. It is however still a Beta application so it may prove to be a tad buggy here and there. The best thing, for me, about 1 Password is that there is a great iPhone application that syncs via wifi with it so the two are always in sync.

There are some fairly major UI changes to the Mac desktop version and it now looks a lot nicer. One of the nice things is that in the “logins” section it will visit each site you have saved the login details for and will download the icon for the site….looks good. Another nice touch is that when you open a file to check the serial number of login details, when you hover over the field it throws up an automatic “copy” option which makes transferring it to the app that you need to copy it to very simple. 1Password also has great online functions too, such as the ability to install plugins to autofill login passwords and your details when buying online.

It’s relatively expensive at $39.95 but will solve just about all your serial/login needs. Mind you, I also note that SPB Safe Wallet, available on the iPhone too, is soon to be available, or it may be now, with a Mac desktop which will make syncing with an iPhone a lot easier. I used SafeWallet on both Symbian and Blackberry and thought it was wonderful so that is another option to check out.


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