BB Bold 9700…Shaun loves it

Shaun twitted…or is it twittered…to say that he has fallen in love with his BlackBerry Bold 9700 and who can blame him? It does the job for him better than any other smartphone out there and who am I to give him a right royal slagging for it, tempting as it is? Ho Ho Ho. I do remember though his first flirtation a couple of years ago with the BB platform via the original Curve. I think it’s fair to say that it wasn’t exactly love at first sight………

Anyway, the new slightly smaller Bold does look like a very nice device and I’m pleased to note that the decidedly shoddy build quality of Curve 8900 appear to have been well and truly sorted. My problem with BlackBerry phones revolves around how they handle email. I don’t ask a lot of smartphones these days but email is important to me and I don’t mean just receiving it, I mean being able to organise things on the go without having to resort to the desktop. I don’t understand how RIM gets such good press over how it handles email these days, okay…it handles push email well but so does just about every other newish smartphone out there. Thus, the advantage it once had over other platforms has well and truly vanished. The problem for me starts when the email arrives. It just sits there and you can’t do much with it, can’t stick it into Gmail folders or any other folder apart from “saved”. For an OS that pioneered email on mobile devices it’s all a bit 1980’s.

On the Hero for example, there is a good Gmail native application in which I can delete emails or archive them or “label” them (the Gmail equivalent of IMAP folders) and then choose “refresh” to have those changes synced back to the desktop. Then, when I open up a browser and go to Gmail I find that those changes have been made and my phone and the desktop are exactly the same. With a BlackBerry, that just doesn’t happen and you then have extra work getting the web Gmail app up to date which to my eyes, is an unnecessary hassle. I can’t be doing with desktop/web based email clients, being able to do it all via the phone is ideal for me.


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