Another daft purchase

It just goes on and on and on……will them madness ever stop? I sure hope not…..

samsung_gt-i7500_thumbIt’s a Samsung i7500 which I bought off ebay a few days ago. These things are quite expensive but I paid under £200 for a brand new in the box locked to 02 version, or say the seller says anyway. So, why did I buy this one? God knows……….I think I have some semi-valid reasons (and some of the usual completely vacuous ones) which include the fact the camera is seemingly okay and has a flash, well better than the pap effort on the Hero anyway, it has 8gb of internal storage and I have a 8gb micro SD card lying around doing nothing so that equals 16gb of storage. I’ve never had that much before. Most important reason though is the OLED screen which is the device’s saving grace apparantly, from what I have read, and the thing is so slim it so wantable…well, by me anyway.

It won’t arrive for a few days yet though which gives me to time to investigate some of the problems I have read online about that this phone suffers from. One of the major ones is that the Samsung syncing software, through which updates and stuff can be downloaded, doesn’t recognise the phone. A not inconsideranle drawback which at the moment prevents any updating, if they ever issue any that is. Oh dear. Plus, it has some silly locking system whereby you have to hold the unlock button, which is badly placed too, for a few seconds to unlock the phone and many users have whinged about this. On the Hero, you just need to tap the unlock button normally in comparison. Others have whinged online about the poor battery but no doubt they have 3g, GPS and all those other battery draining features on all the time. I hope so anyway otherwise I’m dead in the water.

Crikey, this is starting to look like a real winner. Still, if it as disappointing as most seem to be making it out to be I can always flog it quickly and probably won’t lose too much. I just like the idea of a nice slim phone, with loads of software that I can transfer across from the Android marketPlace , and a good-ish camera phone.


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