Samsung i7500 and Android Sense UI

batteryLast weekend I was in o2 fondling some phones and in particular the Samsung i7500 which is the Android phone which, for some reason, has attracted absolutely zip all attention since launch. o2 had this as an exclusive for a short time but it has been overshadowed by the Pre and the HTC Hero. I had a good play with it and I really liked it. Boy, is it thin and it felt really nice in the hand. I was interested to compare it to the Hero and in particular, the much heralded OLED screen technology that it sports which many see as the way forward in screen technology. If I’m being honest, I preferred the look and feel of it to my Hero as it is slimmer and doesn’t have the chin. The screen was really nice too and I could see the difference.

The Samsung doesn’t have the HTC Sense UI which many consider essential but I’m sure I could get by without it. I’ve not exactly taken advantage of it on the Hero to date and I’m not convinced it is as great as some make it out to be, the Sense UI that is. Widgets are handy although I don’t use many and there are widgets available that are not unique to the Sense system, many 3rd party apps provide them and they work on non-HTC devices. I just feel the Sense UI is a bit over-rated. My current homescreen set up revolves around only using 4 screens, the mainscreen has a weather widget, clock and icons for ChompSMS, Gmail, Twitdroid and Remember the Milk so there is nothing there that couldn’t be replicated on the Samsung. The next page is comprised solely of apps and is widget-less and is Sense-less, if you know what I mean. The other two pages are a  calendar widget and shortcuts to settings which could be easily duplicated by using 3rd party free widgets from the Marketplace.



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