Palm Pre and iPhone – iTunes Podcasts Smart Playlists

I finally did it….I suppose this will work for all devices that can sync with iTunes whether legitimate or not. My aim was to set up a smartplaylist for my podcasts that would download the latest episode only in order that I could transfer those podcasts to my Pre via Missing Sync for Palm Pre. I wanted to do this as I find downloading podcasts via DrPodder, even by wifi, is absurdly slow and in addition the volume when listening to podcasts using Dr Podder is not loud enough.

I guess this will also work with iPhones but you probably wouldn’t need it.

Okay, here we go then.

Firstly I googled my query and it threw up this link which I used as the starting point. The premise is sound but the problem was that it is nearly 2 years old and the iTunes menu options for smart playlists have changed since then. Firstly, set up a ‘new smart playlist” for each individual podcast you want to add and then secondly, we will create an overall master playlist that will hold each one.

Smart PlaylistSetting up a new smart playlist is easy enough and the trick is to get the title correct. For example, it took me ages to get the MacFormat podcast folder working because their podcasts start “This Week In” and not, as you would expect, “MacFormat”. Thus, I had to change the “contains” field to “This Week For” and then when it finally imported into the playlist, I changed the playlist title to “MacFormat”. The settings to the left worked for me, I don’t know whether this was by luck or not but what the heck, it works. To find the correct title, click on a recent episode of the podcast and then right click to “Get Info” and go to the “Info” tab and you will see how the podcasts titles itself. It is vital to set the “Limit to” box as 1 if you only want the latest edition copied to your device.

Smart Playlist 2Once you have set up a playlist for each of the podcasts you want transferred you then need to set up a new master playlist. I just called my “podcasts” but obviously you can call it something more exciting than my lame effort. You will see the correct settings to the right. This was easy to do and again the settings worked for me after a bit of tinkering.

If you have Missing Sync for Pre then fire up the application, double click the “music” plugin to open the settings and look for your new “podcast” folder and check the box to select it. Then if you connect your Pre, choose USB mode and then click the ‘sync” button in Missing Sync and bingo…

Why is this useful? Well, it means I can just open iTunes and it will automatically download the latest podcasts then stick them in my Podcast folder and I can then sync them straight to the Pre without having to download anything on the device itself.


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