Sting calls X Factor TV karaoke

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Sting calls X Factor TV karaoke.

Okay, having slagged off the Stingster a week or so ago for his really rather poor new album I am now going to cut the guy some slack and applaud his X-Factor comments. I watch this show, only because my 11 year old son loves it and the whole thing just ends up annoying me. Things is, it’s so obviously a sham whose sole aim is to keep making money for Mr Cowell and his fellow partners as they talk up the distinctly average procession of pub singers as if they were young Frank Sinatra’s.

Anyway, some words of wisdom form the great Stingster…

The singer, whose Fields Of Gold is a staple of talent show auditions, went on to say that X Factor encouraged contestants to “conform to stereotypes”.

He added: “They are either Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston or Boyzone and are not encouraged to create any real unique signature or fingerprint.

“That cannot come from TV. The X Factor is a preposterous show and you have judges who have no recognisable talent apart from self-promotion, advising them what to wear and how to look. It is appalling.


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