Premier League rejects Old Firm

BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Premier League rejects Old Firm.

Damn it…I was really hoping to get rid of the bigot Brothers. I’d have loved to see how the self proclaimed “greatest fans in the world” (as long as they are winning) would handle being middle of the table non-entities down South. How many would be turning out for a mid week home game with Stoke City in mid February to settle 13/14th spot in the League? Errrrrr…not as many as would turn out to see them stick 5 past a crappy St Mirren side as the latter is far more in their comfort zone.

I can recall, with great fondness of memory, back in the mid 80’s when Celtic, who had not won the league for yonks, regularly attracted crows under 20 000 for home games and when Rangers, in the late 70’s, had a few sub 10 000 crowds for home league games when they were well out of the running for the league.

Greatest fans in the world my fat bottom…


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