Non Spam email…some go too far though.

This annoys me. About 4 years I had a Motorola phone and signed up to receive email updates for that model. I got the odd email from them then received nothing for years and so forgot about it. About two weeks ago I got an email from Motorola with info about the new Droid, fair enough I thought as I’d be happy to receive the odd email from them with info on new products, I don’t mind that as long as it is fairly infrequent. But of course, in the last two weeks since the first email I’ve had another 4 bloody emails from them. Some companies just take it too far don’t they? Like I said before, if it was just the odd email then fine but when they start sending out guff twice a week or more it gets on your nerves and becomes annoying and then you just end up unsubscribing as they start pummelling you with stuff that bears no relevance to the reason you originally signed up.


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