I’m Putting My Palm Pre on Notice – jkontherun

I’m Putting My Palm Pre on Notice.

I can see why Kevin is doing this but it is still a bit painful to read. Mind you, who can blame him as he has had it for nearly 6 months. I remember reading the posts in the early days and could sense the frustration as the pair of them lamented the App Catalogue being stuck on 30 apps for what seemed like an eternity. I’ve had mine for almost a month now and admit to flitting between it and the HCT Hero but I reckon, as things stand, I just prefer the Pre for the physical keyboard and the higher quality, even at this early fledgling state, of the 3rd party apps. Having said that, if the apps thing hasn’t moved on significantly in the next 5 months I will probably feel the same and the Pre may go the same way.

I wonder how Palm are feeling about how the Pre is doing and whether sales are meeting expectations. The initial hype and bluster from them appears to have disintegrated somewhat and the Pixi is now going to be an even more important device than was originally intended.

The most glaring deficit is in the available applications. It’s not a question of needing 100,000 to choose from — it’s simply a matter of not having major titles available in the Application Catalog. I realize that Palm hasn’t yet opened up the catalog to everyone, so I don’t entirely blame developers. And I knew in advance that development would be slow for this reason. But I’m getting antsy and tired of waiting. Look at this way — can you name five webOS software titles from major third-party developers? I’m struggling to do so. Even lesser known “brand names” or “web brands” aren’t in the catalog yet.

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  1. RB Says:

    I have a (uk) Pre and an iPhone but I went back to the iPhone today. I’ll look again when (if) we get 1.3 here. I really think Palm needs to look at the top iPhone apps around eg networking, productivity, lifestyle (sky remote record?) and pay the developers to get on board with webos versions quickly, just to prime the pumps for users and developers alike. I worry that things are too far ahead and moving too fast on other platforms to leave this to plain Market forces.

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