HTC Droid Eris Photo Gallery – Android Central

HTC Droid Eris Photo Gallery | Android Central.

thumb_250_droid-eris-01To my eyes this looks a lot nicer than the Moto Droid, less of a clunker plus it has that nice soft touch material that adds so much to a device in terms of feel. I love the soft back on my Palm Pre. The Droid has the physical keyboard but reports suggest the keys are a bit flat. I can get by with an onscreen keyboard and I wouldn’t not buy a device ever just because it doesn’t have that qwerty. Having said that, I still think the Treo 680 form factor is my favourite and preferred shape. I can do with a smaller screen if the keyboard is top notch, as long as it has a touch screen. I don’t honestly know if there is an Android phone in the offing in that form factor but if so, great.

I think this looks like a much more viable option than the HTC HD2, or whatever it is called, over which the WM fanboys are working themselves up into a lather. Thing is, all HTC phones are starting to look alike, not just looks wise but OS wise too. Would you honestly know, if you didn’t spot the Start icon on the HD2, that it was running Windows Mobile? They’re slapping their Sense UI on everything that moves it seems and to be honest, I think it is over rated. They do some nice eye candy stuff but hand on heart, do HTC actually do anything that is like really innovative? They take other people’s stuff and make it a bit better but without introducing anything that is technically brand new.

AndroidCentral also have an interesting post comparing the browser speeds of the Droid with the iPhone 3GS and I was a bit surprised to see that the latter is quite a bit quicker.


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