Sting does Xmas….crap album alert

16d794e596I had the gross misfortune the other day to be out driving and heard the Sting on Radio 5 Live being interviewed. This is a man who is so far up his own bottom he can lick his own ears and if he could, he probably would. Sting has a new album out and a couple of tracks were played. To call it “utter shite” would be doing it a favour. You know you’re in trouble when ex pop stars like the Sting, although he probably considers the term “pop star” an insult, start stating they are returning to their roots and El Sting, master and ex vocal proponent of tantric sex, is luckily no exception.

For some reason, he has reverted to trying to sing in a Geordie accent, probably to remind everyone of his self proclaimed humble roots and of the two tracks that assaulted my tender ears, the first was the worst, involving as it did a rather unpleasant butchering of a well known Xmas carol and Sting mouthing, in a faux Geordie, the chorus as if he had a 2 foot nail stuck up his bottom.

To be avoided.

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One Response to “Sting does Xmas….crap album alert”

  1. Simon Says:

    I take it you won’t be buying this one then?

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