Is webOS 1.3.1’s killer feature ‘speed’? |

Is webOS 1.3.1’s killer feature ‘speed’? |

IMG_0570Quite a few folk have commented on the speed, or lack of it, on the Pre and it is surprising because the internals are apparantly very similar, spec wise to the iPhone 3GS. On the Hero, when I launch the Gmail application it opens instantly and then very shortly after the emails show up. On the Pre, hitting the Mail icon brings up the app a few seconds later and then it takes a few seconds more for emails to appear in the list. I’m sure for power email users that must be a near killer but for me, it is merely a minor irritation.

This also applies for nearly all other apps too. If Palm are able to sort it out via a software update then great but I’m concerned that in the present times they may not have the requisite finances to do all things and this may be an issue that gets left on the backburner as they prioritise other areas.

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