Mac software time

imagesmithI haven’t featured much mac stuff of late as the Pre and Hero have been keeping me occupied. Having two new OS’s on the go is pretty exciting…lots to explore and all that.

Check Off is a simple task Manager that is easily accessed via your Menu bar and it can sync with an iPod but not, strangely, an iPhone. Bit odd that I would have thought. Looks a bit pricey though for what it does….

As if having one dock isn’t bad enough (only joking), this utility, SwitchDock, gives you the unbridled joy of having several Docks. Errrrr…great?

You know, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve been asked…”Murray, you’re a highly respected mac genius, what image resizer would you recommend for the Mac?”…actually that’s complete tosh, no-one has ever asked me that but if they did, I’d say ImageSmith by Koingo. Not cheap I guess at $15 but it works just “champion”. There is a free one out there but for the life of me I cannot recall its name. Might be worth googling though.

Handbrake is a very good application for converting your DVD’s to another format for watching on the iPhone, iPod or other smartphone and it is free. I find it to be quite slow in comparison to the paid app I got as part of a MacHeist bundle but if you’re a cheapskate it will do the job.

A great and free RSS reader is Gruml which syncs with your Google Reader account. When I tried this out, within about five minutes I dumped NetNewsWire.


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