Quandry and it is good

googleI gotta say that things in the smartphone world are going swimmingly well and for the first time in a long long time I am lucky enough to be able to choose from three great devices…those of course being Palm Pre, HTC Hero and the venerable iPhone. In my view most of the excitement in the smartphone world of late has been generated by Android which following, on from Apple shaking things up a few years ago, is threatening to take things again to the next level. A big selection of new Android handsets, all with different form factors present consumers with the choice they crave and is going to give both power user and casual consumer just exactly what they need.

I have been in the position before where I have had several phones at the one time and therefore had a choice but it is different this time. Before, it would be a choice between using the device that was the least worst, for example Treo 680 or the truly disappointing Treo Pro or another time the Treo 500 (awful beyond words) and 1st gen iPhone. This time the choice is super hard because, darn it, the Pre, Hero and 2nd gen iPhone are all just so darn good. I’m going to hate it when they bring out an Android phone with a front facing qwerty keyboard…..

About a year ago I had just splashed out on a white Treo 680 and was using that. I felt things were getting a bit stale back then, the Windows Mobile sets I had dabbled with were lame and I was just about to have a wee flutter with BlackBerry, an experiment that was satisfactory but strangely unexciting or involving. What a difference a year makes though.


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