Palm Pre keyboard…..not too shabby….but where’s the scroll?

palm-preI think I am used to this now and can type quite quickly and quite accurately on it. I much prefer it, for example, to the HTC Hero on screen job which I have really struggled with. Grrrrrr, that thing is really doing my poor little head in. That tiny space bar on the Hero is too easy to miss and the amount of times I have thought I’d pressed it but haven’t….well really. I disliked the Centro keypad and heard many comparisons prior to getting the Pre of the similarity between the two, which concerned me but I have not found that to be the case. The keys on the Pre seem bigger and better spaced and much easier to use.

Another advantage of the Pre over straight keyboard-less touchscreen only devices is that when you have the slider open, and are typing to fill in boxes onscreen, you can jump to the next box by hitting the return key instead of having to touch the screen to move. I find this a much quicker way to navigate and is very useful when filling in fields in an app like FliqTasks as I can move quickly between the fields that need to be completed.

With no apps open, you can start typing and it acts like a search faciltiy for quickly launching contacts or applications. Saves having to open the “launcher” or “contacts” app.

A couple of tricks that I think Palm missed however include not having the small centre button acting as a scroll wheel, a la HTC Hero. It’s the only button on the front and has that rather too minimal to be useful iPhone feel about it. Or, Palm should have let you use one of the keyboard keys to act as a scroll button. It might just be me but I’m growing a bit tired, with touchscreen devices, of having to constantly use your fingers to scroll a page up or down. Often, having a big fat digit like mine on the screen hides stuff or I inadvertantly press a highlighted link and end up heading off to some new app or new page by mistake. Irritating.


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