Fry ponders leaving Twitter site…drama queen

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fry ponders leaving Twitter site.

I’m sure the 900 000 followers remaining who fawn over his every word like 5 year old schoolgirls over their first Barbie doll will make his change his mind. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out matey

Fry is known as one of the most prolific celebrity “tweeters” and has openly supported it in interviews.

‘I retire’

He sent a message – or tweet – to the user with whom he fell out, saying: “You’ve convinced me. I’m obviously not good enough. I retire from Twitter henceforward. Bye everyone.”

However, he later posted another tweet which indicated that he may change his mind about leaving the site.

“Well maybe I’ll see how I feel in a few days. Very low and depressed at the moment and any drop of meanness makes it so much worse. Sorry.”

The disagreement began when the other tweeter said “I admire and adore” Mr Fry, but that he found his tweets “a bit… boring… (sorry Stephen)”.

That same tweeter later revealed that Mr Fry had blocked him as a result

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One Response to “Fry ponders leaving Twitter site…drama queen”

  1. David Ross Says:

    and that ranks as top entertainment news on the Beeb

    I wonder if Fry has never insulted anyone in the past. I always think it funny that Hugh Laurie is the big US star that he is

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