Pre battery update….and good apps RSS feed

Right, things have been much much better the last couple of day with the Pre. The Seido extended battery seems to have bedded in rather nicely and I used the Pre all day today and from fully charged this morning at 7.30am and with what I’d call moderate use during the day it was at……..wait for it….69% when I got back home. Not bad. Gives me a degree of confidence  now.

palmpreapplicationslogoI was having a look at a good pre RSS feed that provides info and a short review of new Pre apps….you can find it here.…and noticed that there is a new RSS app available on the store but of course, we don’t have the facility here in the UK as yet to purchase paid apps…grrrrr. There are a couple of new apps that I fancy getting but can’t as yet. The RSS feed for the site is particularly good……

Couple more minor niggles though that are starting to annoy though. When I go into the App Catalogue and choose an app to download it always hangs for a minute or so before starting the download. Often, the download will also hang during download…hmmmm. Quite annoying. I mentioned previously that when downloading podcasts via DrPodder things can be really slow and it almost looks like it is not doing it via wifi the thing is so darn slow. What’s happening there? I have no problems with speed via wifi with the HTC Hero or iPhone, they positively fizz down the line.

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One Response to “Pre battery update….and good apps RSS feed”

  1. David Ross Says:

    Are you going to try any Apps you had on the 680 with Classic on the Pre?

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