Palm Pre App Catalog Hits 300 Titles…jkontherun

Palm Pre App Catalog Hits 300 Titles.

Well, 300 apps is not that bad…is it? Android has over 10 000 but having used a Hero now for nearly 2 months I have only downloaded about 15. I’ve tried loads but the vast majority have bitten the dust quickly. I don’t know, there’s just too many of them have that distinctly written in 5 minutes feel to them.

In comparison, I have found Palm Pre apps to be rather tasty to date and have 9 installed. More importantly, those 9 are still installed and I get the feeling that when the App Catalogue opens for business here, in dear old Blighty, there will be some major league purchasing going on here at Palm-Mac towers.

You may have noticed my comment on the jkontherun…I know the guys there don’t feel that any of their articles are proper “posts” until I have added credence to them by adding a comment. Hey, it’s good to help out these smaller sites….it’s the least I can do.


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