Safari or Firefox?

I gotta say, I find Safari to be a crash-prone, hanging piece of crap. I can’t believe this is an Apple application. Every night when I fire up the laptop and head for the internet I stop before opening Firefox and think, nah, I’ll give Safari another go and see if I can get on it with it. Invariably, about 5 minutes later, after firing off an Apple error report form I flee back to the relative safety of Firefox.

Firefox may take an age to load up when first opened but it is reliable and never crashes.

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4 Responses to “Safari or Firefox?”

  1. Statto Says:

    Murray – that’s not what I want to hear having just bought a Macbook pro!

    Actually, Firefox is my default browser on Windows, so I’ll probably be using that anyway

  2. Brad Says:

    I was having some trouble with Safari 4, until I realised it was the new Top Sites feature causing the problem. Every time I opened a new tab, there was a delay of up to 10 seconds while it loaded all the sites in the grid.

    I turned that feature off in the preferences, and Safari is back to it’s usual self.

    It never fully crashed on me, though – there was just that delay.

  3. RB Says:

    Murray – I had big problems with Safari 4 hanging_ especially on launch. (Mac version.) Uninstalling and reinstalling latest version seemed to resolve things. Then again I put snow leopard on today so my mileage may now start varying now! Sent from my Pre.

    • palmmac Says:

      Thanks Richard, I will try that. Opened it twice tonight and it crashed both times on the first load. I just don’t expect that sort of pap from an Apple app!

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