HTC Hero getting Android 2 update…PreSync dead again

googleThis news will make a lot of windows mobile users a tad unhappy given that they seem to be in a perpetual state of hoping for their win mob phones to get the latest software update. Tee hee. Other platforms are much kinder to their existing users, all Apple iPhone users get the latest software, RIM are quite decent with BlackBerry updates and now Android is making v2 available for the HTC Hero and HTC have confirmed via Twitter that they are working on getting it functioning on the said same Hero. Good news indeed.

Not such good news for some is that Pre Sync with iTunes is dead again following the latest iTunes minor update. Not that it concerns me much as I have been Missing Sync for Pre of late.


5 Responses to “HTC Hero getting Android 2 update…PreSync dead again”

  1. elbowz Says:

    I wouldn’t be overly enthusiastic about the v2 upgrade – the Hero is the only phone confirmed to be getting an upgrade so far.

    Whilst I’d like to try Android, until some other devices are confirmed to be getting an upgrade I guess all I can do is wait until Android 2 starts shipping into the UK

    • palmmac Says:

      We’ll see Ian…I’ll bet you 25pence that by the end of this year there are more Android phones updated, percentage wise, to v2 than WM phones updated to latest WM OS.

  2. elbowz Says:

    Are we talking officially or otherwise? XDA-developers has 6.5 for most HTC OEM handsets already…

    Or were you talking official upgrades? Setting the bar rather low there if so? After all Microsoft hands off ownership of upgrades to the handset makers who have a vested interest in not updating your phone. Its cumbersome way of doing things and serves the customer badly. Sadly Google seem to have followed that model too and are setting themselves up for a fail…

    I’d like to see Google match Apple’s upgrade policy and deliver upgrades independent of the networks at least. Past experience suggests it won’t happen though.

    I’ll see you 25p and raise you another 25p that my Pulse won’t ever see an official Android 2 update…

    • palmmac Says:

      another 25p? Now you’re talking big money RDG….I may have to call you soon…

  3. Stephen Davies Says:

    Joy in theory, but it seems even with the Hero, you can only upgrade if you are a windows user as HTC Sync only works with the Cult of Gates. Don’t bother contacting HTC support, they haven’t a clue either!

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